In the context of global integration of Vietnam’s economy and fast development, a lot of foreign companies appearing to invest into Vietnam give higher requirements of professionalism, creativity and presage. Therefore, we understand that we have to constantly increase innovation, creativity and professionalism to become their successful partner and provide sustainable values to customers as well as heighten Vietnam’s position on the international arena.

Since the early days of operation, we have worked well as this motto says, we have established a team of highly qualified, enthusiastic and experienced engineers, a specialized sale team trained continuously, HR department, accounting department and administrative department. All cooperate with each other effectively to give most dedicated and perfect services for one goal of customers’ satisfaction. We are really proud to be chosen as the leading partners’ representative distributor in Vietnam. Specifically, it is Kyodo Yushi JAPAN – the largest Japanese specialty grease manufacturer and Sojitz Corporation Japan – operated more than 150 years in supporting the development of countless countries and regions.

  It is the mission, great motivation for us to constantly focus on innovation, human perfection to make the company catch up with others as well as contribute a part to the growth of Vietnam’s economy.  With the current values and potentials, LAS is confident to meet increasing needs of customers whenever & wherever.


On behalf of the company

Director: Tran Thi Suot  

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