To accomplish those goals planned in 2020, LAS has meetings, discussions cooperation with leading industry partners, both in terms of technology and quality in the country and abroad.

  1. Meet Yaskawa Vietnam.
  • Partners: Yaskawa Vietnam
  • Scope of work: the world’s leading corporations in the manufacturing and supply of products in the field of motion control and Driver, Robot Technology, Control systems.
  • Participants in the meeting:

             – YASKAWA:       Mr. Phung Van Hai: Lead Sales Engineer (Robotics)

                                        Mr.Nguyen Quang (Sales Manager).

             – LAS:                 Mr. Ngoc Duy, Mr. Quang Duy, Mr. Duc, Mr. Thao: Device Division,

                                        Mr.Thang: Parts lubricants.

  • Contents of the meeting: Talk about the job is the same deployment, and opportunities for collaboration in the future. Discuss maintenance issues and equipment, robots, particularly robots lubricants segment.


  1. Meet Chukyo Yushi
  • Partners: Chukyo Yushi branch Thailand (Head Office: Japan)
  • Activities: Manufacturer No. 1 of substances liberated mold and additives for polyurethane foam thermal paper, technology emulsified and dispersed; Quality plastic mold, glue noise, anti-jamming, …
  • Participants in the meeting:

            – Chukyo Yushi:         Mr. Hiroaki Hashiguchi: Assistant Manager

                                              Mr. Hiroki Watanabe: Sales.

            – LAS:                        Mr. Bui Văn Thang: Vice-Director

                                              Mr. Duy: Team Equipment

                                              Mr. Thang: parts lubricants.

  • Contents of the meeting: Meeting, introduced each other. Discuss potential products in the field of Auto. Exchange and cooperation with Vietnam LEAR about the products of the plant.


     With the goal of honoring the value of coherence between LAS and the Partnership, representing the LAS has shared oriented development in 2020 as well as the strategy of the company and the policy of cooperation between the two sides as a commitment the spirit of goodwill action and cooperation for development.

      So the success of the meeting was a solid basis for the LAS will grow further in the next stage, maintaining the pioneering step in the field and built up a relationship of strategic cooperation with the leading partner.

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